Saturday, 24 January 2009

What a busy week for a running girl!

This week has been a nightmare for running. A combination of a very busy life, tiredness and illness has cut my running short.

Monday I set my alarm for 6am to go out and only woke up at 7.45, when I had slept through the beeping like a dead person. Work and responsibilities kept me busy until Thursday when I felt sick and knackered and went to bed at 5.30pm.So, today was the day. I got up and put my kit on straight away so as not to have any excuses. After doing Tesco and laundry and all the rest of that palaver I found a space.

I went out for 26 minutes and thoroughly enjoyed myself.The sky was blue, without a cloud, despite it being January and 4pm. I ran and walked and tried to push myself, while at the same time enjoying the countryside sights and smells.

Lovely. And hopefully I will find time tomorrow too.