Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Amazing news!! Record for the mile smashed!!!

I managed to get out for a quick 1.3 miles today. It seems weird that only a year ago, well, less than that, a mile would have seemed like a day off, a walk in the park!! Now I am chuffed to have run most of it and smashed my average pace !! Lance Armstrong came on the old Nike+ Ipod thingy and said " Congratulations! You just beat your record for the mile!! " Like I just ran a 6 minute jobby.... actually it was 13.05, but hey.... I am glad.

It was quite wet out, but I like that. And I love the feeling of my lungs and heart being woken up by the cold air being forced in. Excellent... must now go and text my sister in law, who has just taken up running. We each text after a run and it encourages the other to keep going. Girl power and all that !!

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