Saturday, 31 January 2009

Green Day and ice.... an excellent way to run...

I was so full of frustration today that I was desperate to run.You can see why on my other blog ( the link is below right). I didn't think I'd get to go out... but I did. I ran 1.29 miles with an average pace of 12.58. This is a massive improvement on what I have been running. You see... going out, even for such short distances, works. As long as you go out regularly.

It was fantastic to run as fast as I could, with Green Day blasting in my ears and the icy air flooding into my lungs. Just wonderful. All my feelings of pent up frustration and anger were left behind on the cold pavements.

And as a reward from Nike+Ipod thingy for keeping my January target I got to pimp up my mini me!! How cool is that? How sad is my life?? Actually, this running lark is making me happy. Now I need to find the time to go out tomorrow!

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