Sunday, 4 January 2009

Running on a frosty morning... and happy !!

It was hard to get out of bed this morning. I had set the alarm for 8am as my Man is working today and if I didn't drag my lazy carcass out of bed to run early, the chance would be gone. I slept so well last night... the best in ages, and could easily have stayed in bed all morning. However, I showed admirable grit and determination and out I clambered.

After a glass of fruit juice I set off into the frosty morning. Hat on, gloves on,ipod and nike + thingy on. I have learned that gloves are an essential for winter running... its amazing how cold you can feel if your hands are cold, and , of course, they are if you are waving them about in the cold air. I only wear a hat if I'm running for a long time in the reasonable cold or if its very cold, or if I am uncertain. You can get very hot in a hat, but I'd rather be toasty and put it in my pocket after a while than be chilly.

So, I ran with my music on. I am extremely slow, but hopefully this will improve as I lose weight and get fitter. I ran ( with a little bit of walking ) for 19 minutes and felt pretty good. The test will be this week as I go back to work and have to run in the early mornings. We shall see...

p.s have found a good photo site. usually I use my own photos as much as possible, but sometimes I trawl Google images. This site provides great photos for all sorts of themes free of charge as long as you mention them and are using the photos for your blog or something similar. Why not have a look ?

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