Sunday, 8 February 2009

Secret Housewife... the running woman movie!!

I decided to film where I run today so you could see what it looks like for real!! As Gail commented yesterday it really does feel like all my negativity is dropping away when I run. Although, at the moment, its difficult to run properly because of the snow and ice, it is still brilliant to be out. I have never uploaded a video before so it will be interesting to see what it looks like!!

I only ran just under 2 miles, but it all counts, eh??


Gail said...

I love your accent! You have a wonderful voice, liked the filming too.

Lula said...

you have inspired me to go run, I don't like to run in Jan. and feb. because its cold and I'm lazy but if you can take on the snow I can take on some cold air.

Sarah said...

Gail... glad you liked the "film" !!Its funny to hear myself on my blog!!

Lula ... I am glad you feel inspired!! Get out there girl - I bet you're much fitter than me. I'll watch for any posts on running!