Saturday, 7 February 2009

The slippery slope to happiness!!

I was itching to get out and run today. I was a little worried because the conditions are making it difficult - some paths are clear, some are icy and some are snowy or slushy. Still, I decided that getting out was important, whether I ran or walked.

I had a brilliant run in the end... a lot of walking because of the slipperiness, but some running too. I took my camera again, as you can see. Its the first time in ages ( these last few runs ) that I have not felt under pressure to run, just a real enjoyment that I thought I had lost. I feel alive and alert and very fortunate to be able to get out there. Excellent!!


Gail said...

This is wonderful. You have something you enjoy doing and I am sure the negative things fall away as you run.

Sarah said...

Hi Gail! You are soooo right! It is like therapy on the move!! S