Monday, 16 February 2009

Snowdrop run...

across the cricket pitch


close up of snowdrops

I didn't run as much last week, probably because I knew I could fit more in this week as I am on holiday. I am enjoying taking my camera out and stopping to take pictures so the speed doesn't really count that much. I have joined a challenge on Nike+Ipod to run the length of Route 66 in the US. So far I am in 106th place!!! I have to complete by 2012 so I have some time!!

This morning was very mild. I had to strip off a layer half way round. I am getting stronger and although I still stop for walk breaks my legs feel stronger and I feel generally fitter... always a good thing!

Today I saw my first snow drops of the year and luckily could stop to take photos, along with some other views of my route.


Sue said...

Hi Sarah, Fancy you popping by! Thank you for your kind comments on my cards. It keeps me busy now that I don't run for oh, far too long! I was never over my injury, in fact it was a year ago on Sunday when I had my last race that did me in! I am hoping to have another go, very soon, when the weather is a bit better :-)

Glad to see you are still at it. Will keep dropping in to see how you are progressing,

Sue x

Gail said...

Ah, spring! Part of running is the stops along the way.

Sarah said...

Hey, Sue!!! Lovely to hear from you!I am so sorry about your injury...I can't believe you are still suffering.You poor thing.Do come back and I will pop to see you too. S

Hi Gail... yes, I like the stops a lot !! S

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