Sunday, 19 April 2009

Girls Football rocks!!!

Just one little run this week, but this afternoon I played football again. I LOVE IT!!! There were 11 of us plus the coach.First we warmed up with some drills and then we played a match. I had m'new astro boots on, with m'new socks and m'new shin pads. A vision in black and white!!I couldn't go for a drink afterwards, but the girls are all so nice and friendly - they were very complimentary about my playing.

So, back to work this week and hopefully I will get back into the routine of running. If I can 3 times a week and play football too I will be doing well!The most important thing is that I enjoy it so much.

My hubbie came back from baseball about the same time I got home from footie and we agreed that we are so lucky that we can both do our sports.So, now I am going to have a lovely shower, followed by slow roasted pork, mash, gravy, purple sprouting broccoli... and a rather nice bottle of red wine!!