Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Watch out world... here I come!!!

Right... I seem to have slipped into a lull. This has been caused by various things including a bad back, a cold, a sore achilles. But to be honest... how lame is that??

So, inspired by the gorgeous sunshine today, the comments from Chuck who is now following me and the thought of a 5k race in a little while, I am determined to run more this week. I have also been invited to play in a womens football team!! So I will have to get fit for that.

It is sooooo easy to fall out of the way of running, but I will not let it happen. Watch out world... here I come!!

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Sue said...

Hi Sarah, I know exactly what you mean, it is so easy to miss a run and then before you know it, a week has gone by with no run....

The weather has been fab this week, hope you had a good run!