Wednesday, 6 May 2009

A month to be ready for my race...

Today was really rather hot and sunny and, as I have a 5k race coming up in a month(don't laugh!)I thought I ought to see how I fared running the said 5k.I havebeen piddling about running a mile here and a mile there so I decided to go a bit longer.I took my Nike+ Ipod thingy with me and actually listened to music.There's nothing like a bit of U2 or Green Day belting out through your headphones to give you a bit of a push!!

So, I ended up running 3.91 k or 2.47 miles as that was the length of my route.It was pretty enjoyable and although I do feel heavy as I run I am happy.I had a good stretch and reminded myself that this route is a very hilly one.As are all the routes around here.Grrrrr.

The 5k race is doable I reckon and I have a month to be fitter and lighter.

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Sue said...

Good luck with the training for the 5K, Sarah. There's nothing like the thought of a race for motivation, Sue x