Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Update on my Achilles...

Just a quick update...

I went to the doctor today and he said I have chronic tendonitis of my Achilles. I now have an appointment on Monday with the physio. So, hopefully I can get this thing sorted. I was looking at my son's medals ( he has run various races at the same time as me and won medals ) and I thought that I need to run. I need to race again. I keep looking outside and thinking "Oh, I'll go for a run... it looks nice." And then I remember my stupid Achilles.

So, Hopefully this is the beginning of getting it sorted.


Gail said...

You have named the problem, now you shall overcome it!

MyRubySlippersLife said...

I watch as the minutes count down 'til the next marathon. Then I just think of another reason NOT to run.
Most of the time it's the heat - which is the worst in Nashville now.
Do you ever just DON'T want to run?
I'll get back to it.
Have a great week,

Sarah said...

Gosh, Vicki, I know just what you mean. When I was training for Flora London 2008 I was going out 4 times a week come rain come snow.Running became a bit of a chore to say the least! But now that I can't do it... its horrid and I miss it! Typical! S

unPC lesbian said...

Get into the pool and give ya legs a rest. Swimming used to be my therapy but then started to get to allergic to the chemicals so took up do both. bliss.

Don't stress yr legs anymore cos if it gets to the stage of surgery then running will be off the cards for a long time. Aim for 1k in the pool then build up to 2k. It's a great cardio workout and will give you the same endorphin hit as running, but now stress on joints.

I did 8k on the road today in gloriuus sunshine, so feeling well good.

Sarah said...

You know... I love swimming - its just expensive here and takes lots of time to get there, do it etc etc.But you're right unPC lesbian - its the way to go so I think I should just get off my backside and do it.Will post here if I do! S