Monday, 24 August 2009

Trip to the physio for achlles tendonitis...

I soooooo wish this was my local pool... found the photo on Google images!!

Well, I went to the physio today and she was excellent. She spent a long time looking at my feet and legs and gave me exercises to do. It turns out I have a bunion on my right foot which isn't helping matters ( ugh! bunions sound soooo ugly and old don't they??) So I have exercises to do to help that. Then with my achilles tendon... I do have chronic tendonitis, but I feel that the things she has given me to do will really help.

I did get odd looks from the family as I began my first set of 15 reps, standing on the bottom step of my staircase. I have to go up on my good tiptoe, transfer to my bad, and go all the way down so my bad ankle hangs off the step and then keep going in a square. By # 45 the first time round my leg was a bit wobbly, but I am sure it will strengthen the muscles no end.

I also went swimming today. I went with the boys so I couldn't do as much as I would have liked, but I still managed 600 metres. I found it very enjoyable and was glad to find that my new rhythm of breathing every 4th stroke on front crawl worked well. So, all in all an optimistic day.

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Gail said...

Busy is to a healthy tendon!