Monday, 28 September 2009

I am fat, I am slow.... but I'm not scared!!!

I am getting there with my Achilles.The exercises that my physio gave me are working well, but it is still sore at times and I feel a little scared to do huge amounts on it. Still, luckily, as you can read on my other blog over at Secret Housewife headquarters, I am being a complete lazy cow at the moment so there's not much fear of me doing much exercise, or at least, enough to injure my ankle.

Having said that I did play football yesterday and it was great.I wasn't looking forward to it as I had received the results of our tests and, yes.... I came bottom of everything.I was even worse than Fat Claire. For God's sake don't let her know I said that... its really mean.But I did think I would beat her even if I didn't beat the other younger, taller, fitter ( God I hate them all....) girls.

But, anyway... I went, I played and I loved it.I played in defence and I think I was good at it.However, I thought I beat Claire, so don't take my word for being good at anything!I took my frustration out on that pesky ball and found that I am not scared of tackling.I also have learned a thing or two from years on the touchline watching my Man and the boys and I can read the game better than some of the others..... I think....

I am even considering going for a run in the morning before 6am.If I ever tear myself away from the computer...

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Gail said...

Leave your frustrations on the field, best place for them, kick 'em outta site.

One point: you are not fat. I prefer to call myself fluffy but you are not fat.

Also keep in mind, if you think you are slow...who won the race, the tortise or the hare?