Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Moving up the mileage... don't get too excited!!

I can feel the sweat on my face that has dried to a salty dust! I just did my second run of the week and this time raised my mileage to just over 2.For those of you who are seasoned, regular runners this may not seem that much, but to me it represents a triumph!! To actually be able to run most of 2.18 miles feels great.

Last night I signed up for a 5k race on June 6th. I think its a good goal to be aiming for.I have done this race before and I know that in a month's time I will be able to do 3 and a bit miles.The old body feels pretty good at the moment and my belly doesn't hang over the top of my running trousers too badly!!

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Gail said...

I applaude you! The only running I do is after the ice cream truck.