Wednesday, 3 October 2007


I should have known really. After my magnificent run on Monday I was raring to go today and failed dismally. Obviously good weather is no good for me. I need rain and quite cold and expectations of nothing much. Ah well. Tomorrow is another day.

I ran past teenagers today. You know the sort ? Sitting together on a grassy bank, oozing testosterone and cheap perfume ? As I plodded along towards them I inwardly groaned. " 'Ow many miles ?" they shouted as I went by. Well, as I was sweating and out of breath I hardly wanted to yell " 500 metres !! " did I ? I smiled and waved and called " Too many !! " in the hope they might think I'd done loads.

Just think, in a couple of months time I'll be able to sail by shouting " 8 miles gone, 10 to go !!" Bloody Hell!

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