Thursday, 4 October 2007

No time to run!!! Aaaagh!!!

From 7am I have been up and dashing about and the unfortunate combination of work, children and after school clubs has meant that for the first time I have missed my run. DAMN!!! I was meant to go out for 25 minutes again today, rest tomorrow, then 25 on Saturday. I am gagging to get out and was chewing my nails at the sight of other runners ( note I am putting myself in the "runner" category now !!!) floating along in the early evening sunshine. It was a perfect night to run.

So, tomorrow its another 6am start to catch up. Otherwise I will be hell to live with !!

An absolutely fab thing that has happened tonight is an e-mail from M. Not M in the James Bond films, but my lovely friend M whose daughter Sally is basically the reason I am running for Breakthrough Breast Cancer. I have known M for nearly all my life and she is wonderful. A real lady who has been through times that many would have crumbled under. Tonight she e-mailed me to say that she would come to watch me, support me at my 10k. This is so brilliant. She lives miles and miles away so to come over here is so great. There are very few special special people that you meet in life, but M is one of them.

There, I've gone a bit soppy. But if you're reading this M - you're my favourite.


emily said...

How nice that she's going to come. And that she inspired you. It is a bit soppy, but very nice. Sometimes that sort of thing is necessary.

Oh and I feel your frustration about not being able to get your run in. I hate that feeling. And all you really want to do is run. But you have to go from activity to activity and you just don't have that time. I hate that. Hate. Better luck tomorrow!

Sarah said...

Thanks Emily! I got my run in today !! Fab!! How's your running going ? S