Friday, 5 October 2007

Back on track and feeling good!!

So I got up at 6am as I said I would. The house was quiet apart from gentle breathing and I silently pulled on my running clothes that I'd laid out last night. As I laced my shoes the windows were filled with the blackness that lay outside and I did wonder if this was a sensible thing to be doing.

As soon as I stepped outside I knew that this was a good thing. The world slept all around me as I set off up the road and with each step my lungs were filled with cold fresh air that gradually spread through my whole body, flooding me with oxygen and energy. My legs felt strong and I felt that everything was absolutely right. I ran and ran, steady and rythmic, relaxed and happy.

Through the darkness crept an amber light as the sun began to rise over the rooftops. And as the sun rose it was as if it was filling me with its warmth and energy. How can people not run ? I thought. Its the most natural thing in the world. Something that everyone can do, even if it takes a few weeks to get to the running stage, like its taken me.

I ran the whole way, admittedly only 28 minutes, but hey, that's a whole 23 minutes more than I could do 8 weeks ago. And the reason I can run 28 minutes is me. Its me who is putting in the time and the effort. Its me who has kept going.Nobody else can do this for me. I know that this is only one good run, but the runs will get longer and I know I can do this. I know it.

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Sue said...

What a fabulous feeling! Last year I got up in the mornings to do my training and saw some wonderful sunrises - I miss them this year (but not enough to get me up at 5.30 am, LOL).
Could you add on another 5 miles, cheers!