Sunday, 7 October 2007

Nike+Ipod sensor trouble.

You know I love my Nike+Ipod thingy ? Well, the battery on the sensor in your shoe is supposed to last 1000 hours. Mine gave up the ghost after 24 runs, about 13 hours. That's pretty rubbish isn't it ? So I took it back to JD Sports where I bought it. I have to give them their due and say that the staff there could not have been more helpful. They gave me a replacement even though I did not have my receipt. So thanks JD Sports.

BUT. My replacement does not work. Aaaaaaaagh!!! I cannot get the sensor to link to my receiver and now have to trudge back into town to get another one. I am getting fed up now. The new one seems to be dead and I am missing tracking runs. Obviously I am still running, but I like to have my little machine with me.

And do you know what really pisses me off ? There is not a human being to be found at Apple or Nike+. Its all a case of clicking on discussion forums and hoping you might find the answer. I just need someone, a human being to actually talk to me and help me. The staff at JD Sports have not got a clue about the Nike+Ipod. They just work there - why should they know anything??!! So I am left in utter frustration with time ticking by.I just want a Nike+Ipod that works.



Matt said...

1-800-apl-care should put you in touch with real humans at Apple.

Sarah said...

Thank you!! S

Anonymous said...

had the same problem in Sydney australia and we cant access that number from here so am titally stuck with my usesless sensor

Peter in Sydney