Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Enthusing to the ether...

You know what I love about blogging ? It doesn't matter if there are thousands of people reading what I write ( Yeah, right ! ) or none at all ( more likely ). The thing is that I can sit here and type to my heart's content without the fear of people glazing over infront of me. If you get bored, reader, you can discreetly click away to the next blog and I am none the wiser !!

As far as I know you are enthralled by my every word and as interested in running and my training as I am !! The trouble with the real world is that people are not that interested on the whole. The few that are stick out a mile and I love them for being ( even if its just feigned ) interested and enthusiastic.

My Man is my number one supporter with a smile as wide as mine when I do well and a warm cuddle or a kick up the backside when I'm down. Luckily he always seems to know which one is required!! My neighbour C is often at the front door when I get home and asks how training is going. My lovely GB1 always has a word of encouragement and has even said she'll come to London to support me. DD and Sarah are lovely too. Such friends make me feel worthwhile and how could I let them down by not completing this ? Not that I am even contemplating anything other than utter triumph !!!

I try not to talk about this quest I'm on, unless someone asks me. After all, there's a long way to go. I don't want to bore everyone I know to death !! There'll be time for that when I've done the race and spend 6 months with the medal round my neck !!

So blogging is my release valve. I can gush away to my heart's content. And if you take the time to read to the end of my blather............Thank You.

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Sue said...

LOL, this made me laugh! I'm afraid my husband just glazes over now when I go on too much and feigns yawning.....

I too watched the GNR and felt very emotional. It was super!

And well done on your run - i love the cooler weather too.

Just did my club run of 5.5 miles. Cheers.