Monday, 19 November 2007

3.3 miles and it hurt !!

Funny that. Some days you run and feel great, another day you run half the distance and feel rubbish. And bizarrely, when I looked at my time, the short run wasn't actually that bad. I suppose its a sign that I'm getting fitter. The fact that I can run 3.3 miles and feel rubbish, but still do my usual time.

I am trying not to talk to people about running too much. My husband's eyes do glaze over slightly at the moment, but he is valiantly trying to be interested in the minutiae of my runs !! Bless him !! And I feel a bit guilty that I am not running with anyone. I have had a couple of lovely people offer to run with me, but I have declined. I just like running by myself. I hate chatting as I go along, or listening to someone else chat. I just like the place my heads gets to whilst I'm out on my own. I am a bit of a curmudgeon.

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