Sunday, 2 December 2007

Ah well, some days go like that...

I was nervous aout my 10 mile run today. I didn't want to go out - purely because I was afraid of failing. Why ? I don't know. But I did go out and I didn't feel too good. I felt weary and a bit sick. I kept plodding on and ran for the first hour or so. Then it got really hard. I just wanted to be home in a hot bath.

I was tempted to phone my Man to come and get me, but I didn't. My one concession was to cut it short. I decided there was no point making myself ill and unable to run in the week. In the end I did 9 miles, so that's not too bad. I miss feeling fit though. This week has been hard. It makes me realise more and more how hard a marathon is.

Let's hope this week coming will be better.


Mum's the Word said...

Good job, Sarah! My brother-in- law did the Philadelphia Marathon just before Thanksgiving and he told us all over the holiday what an exhausting and greuling job it is...keep up your good work! You'll get there. He did say that there comes a point that every bone and muscle in your body is telling you to stop, and that is the point you have to just keep going one step at a time because it is ALL you can do. He said cheerleaders help. Maybe you could get someone to ride their bike along with you and verbally push you on when you need it? Good Luck, girl!

Sue said...

Sarah, sounds to me like you did the wise thing. You obviously weren't feeling 100% and sometimes you just have to give in and listen to your body! Hope you start feeling a bit better soon :-)

Hope your FIL has a speedy recovery.