Saturday, 1 December 2007

Not a great week...

My chest has been murmuring at me all week. Nothing I could put my finger on - it just didn't feel right.Oh, and I mean its a chesty coldy type of a chest, not a heart attack type thingy ( let's hope anyway !!) And I felt knackered most of the time. I did my 2.5 miles on Monday and then 5 miles on Wednesday, which annoyingly turned out to be only 4.85.

I was supposed to do another 3 miler, but it was just impossible to fit in. In the end I thought that it was not meant to be. I'm obviously not 100% so its better to rest, get some sleep and do a good run tomorrow. I am quite nervous as its a 10 miler. This is where the training gets serious !!

Still, looking at the Flora London Marathon websites I am amazed at the people who have places and are just now beginning to run. At least I know that I have a base. It was my aim to be running 10 miles by Christmas and it looks like I'm on track.

I set up my fundraising web page today. Its not finished yet, but when I've done the 10 miler tomorrow I will start thinking about putting the widget on my pages and contacting people for sponsorship. I'm not sure how much to aim for. Still, the more the merrier !

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