Monday, 10 December 2007


The last time I wrote I had struggled to the 9 mile mark and felt lousy. I spent the Wednesday and Thursday of last week in bed asleep, feeling awful. I dragged myself out of bed on Friday, but I still feel dreadful. I am a complete lightweight as I hardly have Bubonic Plague, but it is really pissing me off now as I can't run.

I feel hot and cold, chesty, snotty, sick, wobbly and just generally like I want to curl up in my bed and die. I feel as though I have never run a mile in my life... like my marathon dream is just that... a dream. Its like I've never run and will never run again.

Life is so full on at the moment that I never get any time to just recoup and recover. What with working and running around after the boys I never sit down at night to relax before 9pm. I decided to sit with my feet up this afternoon and no sooner was my tea in my mug than my FIL called to ask for a lift to pick up his car. So again, off I went, then had to fill up with petrol, then pick up the boys, cook tea, go to football training, blah, blah, blah.

How people with full time jobs ever train is beyond me.

At the moment I am frightened that all the fitness I built up over 16 weeks of slogging is disappearing fast. And I can do nothing to prevent it.

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Sue said...

Think positive! If there ever is a good time to feel ill it could be now. There is so much to do that fitting a run in would be extremely difficult anyway! Of course, it doesn't help that you need to feel fit and healthy to carry on with the preprations for Christmas, LOL.

Don't worry too much. Depending on how much time you take off, you may need to go back a week or two in your training schedule but you will soon be back to running 10 miles.

Hope you feel better soon!