Saturday, 10 January 2009

A frosty morning run.

The ground was so hard with frost today that the boys' football was cancelled. Yippeee!! This meant that I could go running as opposed to standing on a touchline.I donned all my layers and off I went.

A beautiful cold morning so I followed my nose, with my Ipod Nike+ thingy on, through the little bit of woods by the cricket pitch, down the road, up the hill. ALL LOVELY. I ran for 37 minutes, of which probably 7 was walking. It is brilliant to be out again and, for the first time in ages I am enjoying it and looking forward to my runs.

The Marathon training really took it out of me... more than I realised at the time and I am slowly getting back into being a runner. Can I call myself a runner ? I suppose I can because I run, but I don't think I will ever truly see myself as a runner. Now that the marathon is done I want to concentrate on me, my fitness, both physical and emotional, and on doing this for pleasure.

I am going to enter some races this year, but no further than 10k. That is a distance I enjoy and can do without too much trauma when I am fit. This is good !


Gail said...

Glad your running!

Annie said...

Oh, I TOTALLY know how you feel about the "runner" thing. I'm just this week back on a Hal plan in order to get me round the Bath Half in 9 weeks time (oh, help!) and am thoroughly unfit. LOTS of walking breaks from me at the mo. Stay strong m'dear. And keep running - it helps sort the head out as well as the body. Annie x