Friday, 3 April 2009

The early bird .... doesn't have to run at lunchtime.

I am pleased to announce that I got up at 6am and went running today. I had an early night and hawled myself out of bed to put on my kit, which has been waiting, all laid out, for a day or 2 now. The morning was cold and misty, but not too dark and I actually ran for longer than has been usual.

Unfortunately the old Nike+Ipod thingy had given up the ghost because it had been forced to wait for so long so I have no proof of my endeavours, but hey, such is life.

The birds were out in full force today - I heard chaffinches, blackbirds, the usual wood pigeons and also the tapping of a woodpecker in the trees. I feel so much better for being out and although the initial getting up is hard the actual run was lovely. I must run again this week... before m'footie!!

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Gail said...

I am so happy you find such pleasure in running.