Wednesday, 8 April 2009

I neeeeeeeeed to run!!!

Still in pain, but can't wait to get out and run again. Also need to practise my footie skills.This is sooooo frustrating!! Don't want to do anything too soon in case I do more damage. Slowly slowly catchy monkey!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah - have just been catching up with your blogs. Was looking back at our blogs on Realbuzz from last year and thought I would check out what you were doing now. Good to see you are still running. Funnily enough the one and only time I tried to play football resulted in me not being able to walk for a week. I had been looking back at your blogs as I thought you had given us a good link to tips on preparing for the marathon, what to take with you etc. but couldn't find it. Preparations are well under way for this year's race. i must be mad to be doing it again. Anyway hope you are well and keep up the running. Janis x

Sarah said...

How lovely to hear from you Janis. I have tried to find people on the Realbuzz site, but couldn't -its changed a lot since last year! You're right - I did have a whole load of helpful info about the marathon, but I think I cleared it out when I tidied up my blog. I will try to find it again and I will try to come and find you too! If I can't then I hope you come back to read this and I will be thinking of you on THE DAY!!!!Good luck to you, you mad woman!! Sarah xx

disa said...