Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Running with my son in the rain.

Just got back from a run. I went out in the drizzle with #1 son and we did 1.68 miles together. My Nike+Ipod thingy won't load yet so it doesn't show on my widget, but I promise I ran!!

It was lovely running with my son - much better fun than running alone, even though he is like a gazelle and MUCH faster than me!!He did, however, develop a mystery injury at about 2/3 of the way. I think he actually just wanted me to phone home and get a lift back. Unlucky son!! Your mum is made of sterner stuff than that. Run through the pain I told him!! And, amazingly, when he realised that I was utterly without sympathy for his mystery ailment he steamed past at a million miles an hour. A miracle!!

So. I will upload some photos I took of our drizzle covered viaduct later on today. But until then...tata.


Gail said...

The title grabbed me! I am so glad.

Artfulmama said...

Good on ya Sarah!!! I didnt know you were a runner!!! You should be very proud of yourself... and thanks for your comments as well. I wish I could run... too much martial arts in my younger years... knees can only handle speed walking... and walking... which I really love!!! Love your photos as well... and looking foward to following you as well... I've been traveling so I haven't been up to snuff with my blogging.... I really do love this blogging thing.. keep up the great work... you look great!!!

Sarah said...

Thanks for your comments Gail and Artfulmama.Its so nice to have people reading this blog as well as my main one. I need the support with my running!!Not that I don't need it with other stuff too..... ok I'm rambling now!! Sarah x