Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Anew running group and a new enthusiasm!

You may know that I play football on Sundays.Well, the girls I play with have started going running on Tuesdays.They asked me to go along too, so for the past 2 weeks on a Tuesday night I have been running with them.The first week we were out for an hour and a half ( aaaaah!!) and last night we were out for about an hour.

Its quite a change for me to be running with other people and I have to say that it is a pleasant change!I have always ( well, 99% of the time) pounded the streets by myself. This has mostly been because its easier to just go out spontaneously by myself and also because I am sooooo slow that I feel uncomfortable going out with people who constantly have to wait for me.

There are 7 of us in our little group and our run has the advantage that we can go through the woods, across the golf course - places that I would not dream of going by myself.Also we are of differing ability levels.There are 4 who are faster, 2 in the middle and my friend J and myself bringing up the rear. The whole thing is about fun, having a chat and a stretch and then keeping running.Yesterday we all turned up even though it was peeing down with rain.

This week was easier than last week and I am hoping that I can shorten the gap between we back 2 and the others. I did suggest that I was too slow to run with the front 4 and that maybe I would stop. Their reaction was, kindly, to tell me not to be so silly and that they loved running with me.If I didn't come they would be on the phone to ask where I was!

So - I have a new running group and a new enthusiasm. All good!


Caz said...

Oooh, you're so lucky! Can I come too??? I'm so lacking in motivation to go out by myself so I've been pounding the treadmill instead! Not quite the same as the fresh air and a natter! I'm jealous!

There are Cuckoos in my Nest said...

Im jealous too !
The husband has been saying he will run with me but as yet has not...